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Thoughts on data systems

What is group by 1?

Group by 1 is an Analytics Engineering newsletter by Matt Arderne

Topics cover the intersection of Data Engineering and Data Analytics.

The goal is to discuss the role Data Analysts play in building systems to solve business problems, how software can facilitate this, and how software engineers can relate to these systems.

An example of a system below:

Style & Substance

Relying on all of the author’s style to create substantial content, the posts here are designed to be:

  • entertaining and informative over comprehensive and detailed

  • memorable over exhaustive

  • relying heavily on abstractions, analogy and metaphors

  • attainable to technology professionals

Why subscribe?

group by 1 is written by me, Matt Arderne. I’m an active Analytics Engineer/ Systems Architect, implementing the systems/patterns/processes discussed.

Most of the content is a synthesis of my experience, enhanced with learnings from the data community.

Who should read group by 1

  • Anyone with the following in their job description: Data Engineer/Analyst, BI/Reporting Analyst, Data/System Architect

  • Software Engineers who have been tasked with ETL, Data Feeds, Reporting, Visualisation.

Data Community

Join the data community that inspires some of this content: Locally Optimistic

And the name?

group by 1